What a Mouthfull

Everyone loves a Malteser chocolate but Hedingham School Sixth Former, Joe Nourse, took this notion a bit further. He decided that an innovative way to raise money for Sport Relief would be to see how many Maltesers he could fit into his mouth at once! Joe set about publicising the challenge he had set himself and encouraged friends and fellow students to pay a £1 to guess the number of Maltesers he would be able to manage.

On the day of Sport Relief, Joe who is 17 years old and lives in Halstead, sat in the school foyer surrounded by other students to cheer him on. With a First Aider on hand in case he choked and needed a timely Heimlich Manoeuvre, Joe started popping Maltesers in his mouth one by one. The students watched in amazement as Joe’s mouth started to resemble a hamster’s preparing for winter – his cheeks bulged as he resorted to squeezing each Malteser into tiny gaps around his teeth. Head boy and fellow Sixth Former, Nathan Hope counted out loud as Joe carried on and Nathan held a small bucket under Joe’s chin just in case………

At last no more Maltesers could be forced into Joe’s mouth and he had to stop with an incredible 40 chocolates jammed into his mouth - which he was still able to shut! To a huge cheer Joe then had to spit the Maltesers into the bucket as it was impossible for him to swallow them all. You might think it was a waste of some delicious sweets but Joe has now raised over £100 for Sport Relief which is a great achievement and also one that provided entertainment and fund raising inspiration for others. Younger students are now waiting with anticipation for Joe’s next fund raising challenge which he plans for the end of term.

After the event Joe commented, ‘The challenge felt great and I was amazed I could fit that amount of Maltesers in at once - 40! It was a brilliant feeling raising money for such an inspirational cause!’