Vision & Mission

At Hedingham we are all learners working together to make a better future

We aim to provide a high quality, comprehensive educational experience for all our students which ensures that each fulfils their highest academic potential.
We value and address their individual needs and the contribution they make to the community.
We provide a supportive, caring and safe learning community within a 21 st Century environment which promotes lifelong learning.
We celebrate achievements at every opportunity because every student is an asset and at the heart of everything we do.



At Hedingham School I have every opportunity to learn successfully and achieve my targets within a Personalised Learning Programme which has high expectations. It provides high quality:

1. Learning and Teaching from well-qualified, skilled teachers and associate staff:

  • Which motivates and challenges me
  • Which supports me with a curriculum that is appropriate to my personal needs and has a clear learning pathway
  • That allows me to enjoy my learning both actively and independently
  • In a safe, bright and attractive environment, with access to the latest technology

2. Assessment of my progress:

  • With targets that challenge me, support me and tell me how to improve
  • That gives me the chance to reflect on my own progress
  • With the opportunity for my parents/carers to discuss my progress with teachers and see my improvement online
  • That recognises and celebrates my achievements at every opportunity in a number of different ways

3. Information, Advice and Guidance from teachers and associate staff about:

  • How I learn best and how I can become a better learner
  • What my next step in education should be
  • How I can get a career that matches my skills and ambition

4. Active Citizenship Opportunities through:

  • A supportive mentoring programme from my personal tutor which supports my learning and social skills
  • A wide range of school clubs and societies
  • The opportunity to work with the local, wider and international community
  • The opportunity to express my opinions through student voice