Awesome Amber


Having a ski champion living in Little Yeldham might seem unlikely, but 14 year old Hedingham School student Amber Gladin is just that!  Amber is now in the National Schools Squad for ski racers after performing very well in a competition in Leeds at the indoor ski slope there yesterday.  Amber’s success is even more surprising when you consider that she has only been skiing for 2 years after being captivated by the sport when she was on a school ski trip to Italy in Year 7 and none of her family have ever skied before. 

As soon as she returned from her school trip, Amber went to Ipswich dry ski slope and started lessons, progressing through the groups very quickly.  She then joined two Hertfordshire clubs, one in Hemel Hempstead and one in Welwyn garden City, and trains there every Monday. 

Amber says, ‘I just loved the sport from the first minute I was on the slopes in Italy and I knew I didn’t want to stop when I came home!’  Her ambition is to take part in the World Cup, which is held every year for the best skiers from all over the world.  She is also aiming to be a Winter Olympian in the future.  For now, Amber plans to join a big ski team to get more coaching and advice to help her to further improve her standard.  She is also building fitness training into her week to increase her stamina. 

Since Amber became interested in skiing, her two sisters have also started taking part.  Violet, who is only seven, is probably the youngest competitor in the country and recently won a silver medal in a national competition.  Older sister Lorina, who is 15 years old, won a gold medal in slalom and silver in the GS category in the special Olympics held this weekend. 

Hedingham School is immensely proud of Amber’s achievements so far and we have no doubt that with her skill and determination, she will go on to great things in the future.