Caring Connie!


Hedingham School student Connie Nokes is a keen member of the Girl Guides and has been part of the same group for the last 4 years. During this time, a new girl with special needs started attending and Connie was asked to help integrate her into the group.

With each session at Guides, Connie would take the new girl under her care and make sure she was fully included in all activities and treated as equally as any of the other girls. This would include group activities, social outings and camping events. Initially Connie, from Sible Hedingham, found this quite challenging, however in a short time she and the new girl forged a bond and became close friends.  The girl's mother is now so pleased that her daughter is able to join in a social group that without Connie's help may not have been possible.

Connie, who is 14 years old, has never expected any recognition for her actions because it was never the drive for her to look after the new girl. She showed genuine care and attention to another Guide just because she wanted this girl to have a healthy experience of interacting with others and ultimately to enjoy Guides as much as she does.

Her Guide leaders were so impressed by Connie’s genuine kindness that they nominated her for the prestigious Jack Petchey Award. A small presentation was held at a Guide meeting in December to recognise Connie’s achievement and there is a full official presentation occurring in the New Year. As her father, Mr James Nokes commented, ‘Needless to say I am one very proud father!’