It’s Top Gear at Hedingham!

Hedingham School is delighted to have taken delivery of a new minibus, which is specially designed for taking students who use wheelchairs out on school trips. The vehicle is a 9 Seat Ford Tourneo and was chosen because it is a very flexible option as seats can be removed to allow the safe transport of up to two wheelchair using passengers. Despite this modification, the minibus can still be driven by anyone holding a normal full driving licence.

Key Teaching Assistants have received training on how to secure students who use wheelchairs into the vehicle. Year 8 student, Dylan Barton from Sible Hedingham, who uses a wheelchair, has been a very helpful volunteer to support this process. The minibus also has a range of safety features including parking sensors and a reversing camera. It is a great addition to the school as a number of students are wheelchair users; Kia Pitt aged 13 commented, “It will be great to go on school trips in the new minibus with my friends instead of going in a teacher’s car!”

The school will also be receiving a second vehicle at the end of June. This will be a 17 seater (including the driver) minibus, which will replace the current smaller vehicle which is reaching the end of its useful life having carried out 15 years of service! So, it will be full steam ahead for lots of trips out for Hedingham School students in the next academic year!