Amethysts – What a gem!

I was sitting eating a bag of chips on the beach at Aldeburgh in brilliant sunshine on Saturday, listening to music from the Bandstand on the Beach as part of the Aldeburgh Arts Festival.  Two young musicians, who were part of the BBC Introducing initiative, were playing beautiful music and the setting was just idyllic – a backdrop of waves coming in and seagulls in a bright blue sky flying over the beach bandstand.  It was only half way through their set that I realised I used to teach the two musicians on stage!  They were Clarice Parrott and Simon Lucas Hughes – both ex-students of Hedingham School, who now play under the name of Amethysts.  Clarice, who is now 21, studied Photography, Dance and Music in the Sixth Form, whilst Simon who is now 24 years old, followed courses in Art, History and Psychology.

Clarice and Simon were both hugely talented musicians at school and regularly took part in concerts and events, singing and playing to students, their families and friends of the school.  It was wonderful to see them now playing to hundreds of people at a professional event.  They now live together in Sudbury and are being championed by BBC Introducing in Suffolk, who showcase new emerging music from unsigned musicians.  Amethysts have been noticed by Tom Robinson of Radio 6 and have recently had their new single ‘Purple Blood’ played on the radio to high acclaim.  Clarice says, ‘It is an exciting time for Amethysts as we have recorded our single and just made a new music video for it. Graeme McLoughlin of BBC Introducing Suffolk has been really supportive of us and we even have opportunities coming up in America! ‘

Hedingham School is immensely proud of the success that Clarice and Simon have achieved so far and we wish them success in their future ventures.  We are sure we will be hearing more of them!