Hedingham School and Sixth Form Delighted with Ofsted Inspection Outcomes

Hedingham School and Sixth Form Delighted with Ofsted Inspection Outcomes

I am delighted to inform you about the outcome of our Ofsted Inspection on 7 March 2017.

It is an exceptional endorsement of Hedingham School and Sixth Form.

The overall effectiveness of the school continues to be Good which means we are effective in delivering outcomes that provide the currency our students’ need, preparing them for the next stage of their education, training or employment
Our school and community thoroughly deserve this endorsement from Ofsted.

I want to thank all staff, teaching and associate, for working so hard to achieve this success.  I commend them for their professionalism, team ethic and commitment to the school and our students.

I congratulate our students who are outstanding ambassadors for their school and I also want to acknowledge and thank parents for their support and trust.  Parent View is very positive and their overwhelming approval is very reassuring.  Our partnership with parents is crucial to the success of our students.

Finally, I want to express my gratitude to our Governors for their support and dedication to school improvement.
This positive outcome is a true reflection of the excellent work we do at Hedingham School and is a boost for our community.

I remain very confident and optimistic about the future of Hedingham School and Sixth Form
I have highlighted the key judgements below.  You can access the full report on the school website.

HEDINGHAM is a good school

  • The Headteacher and Senior Leadership Team have demonstrated determination and dedicated leadership, ensuring that the school has consolidated and enhanced the strengths identified at the last inspection, and worked successfully to address the areas of improvement.
  • Standards of teaching have continued to strengthen and teachers create and sustain positive relationships with students.  There is a purposeful and productive atmosphere in almost all lessons.
  • Students talked confidently about their learning, knew how well they were doing and what they had to do to improve.
  • Student’s behaviour around the school, in often crowded corridors, was orderly and calm.  Inspectors found that students enjoy school because they feel valued and well cared for.
  • Students feel safe and parents overwhelmingly agree that their children are kept safe in the school.
  • Information on how well students are doing is used effectively by teachers to ensure that all students are challenged.  This is most effective at KS4 and demonstrated by the progress your Year 11 students made in 2016 which was significantly above that of other schools nationally.
  • Parents who responded to the Ofsted online questionnaire left many comments saying how well the school has supported their children to reach their potential.
  • Students listen attentively to teachers’ explanations and feel safe to ask, and answer, questions about their learning.
  • Despite the size of your school, young people are well known as individuals.

As in any school, there are things we can improve.  The inspectors found that the Headteacher, Governors and the leadership team have an accurate understanding of the school’s current position and that development planning identifies the right areas for improvement.

This affirmative outcome is a true reflection of the excellent work we do at Hedingham School and Sixth Form and is a boost for our community.

John Panayi