Inspirational Imogen!

Hedingham School student, Imogen Newby, who is twelve years old and lives in Halstead, performed exceptionally well in the Archery GB Youth Festival held at Lilleshall National Sports Centre in Shropshire Centre earlier this year. This event is designed to mimic the Olympic Games and to prepare the athletes for things to come in the future.  It also gets them used to the attention and ‘pressure- cooker’ environment that they need to cope with if they are continue to compete at the highest level.

The Archery GB rankings, which are based on a number of Record Status Events such as the Youth Festival, have just been published.  Imogen was delighted to find that she has been placed 2nd in the U 14 Ladies Recurve and 8th in the U 18 Ladies Recurve age group.  This is a magnificent achievement as Imogen is still so much younger than most of the other competitors.  Imogen said, ‘I was shocked I did so well because I know there are some other great competitors out there and I thought how on earth did I beat them?!’

Imogen sets herself a gruelling training regime, shooting up to 1000 arrows a week, often in the kitchen whilst her mum is cooking!  At weekends she travels the length and breadth of the country with her father, taking part in archery competitions.  Although small for her age, Imogen is fiercely competitive and has remarkable determination.  Her aim is to take part in the Olympic when she is older and comments, ‘I think the 2020 Olympics will be a bit early for me. The 2024 will be better because I will be older and have time to practise and perfect my technique.’

Everyone at Hedingham School wishes Imogen success in her chosen sport and we have no doubt that she will continue to do extremely well!