Design and Technology Triumphs!

The A level Design Technology exhibition took place earlier this term with twenty four candidates exhibiting their design and practical coursework. The students work was extremely diverse and innovative covering a wide range of focus areas including furniture, architecture, aeronautical, automotive, costume and textile design. All students incorporated computer aided design and manufacturing techniques using ‘Techsoft’ CAD software and laser cut CAM techniques.

The students’ work had been assessed the previous day by the exam board external moderator and he was extremely impressed with the diversity of project themes and the quality of design and practical skills demonstrated. All of the candidates’ work was to a high standard and, in particular at A2 level, Giorgia Paddock’s unique costume design and practical work achieved a truly outstanding mark of 94%. At AS level, Arlen Crawley Smart designed and made a highly technical mechanical arm for holding a sports video camera to be used for filming fast moving sports events. Arlen achieved an outstanding mark of 92% for his work.

The event was well-attended by students, parents and staff and the A level students were very pleased to showcase their design and practical skills to a wide audience. Mr James Gamble, Leader of Design and Technology at Hedngham School said, ‘I would like to take this opportunity to thank all students for their sustained effort over the A level course and wish them every success in their exams and further education or employment. In addition I would like to thank all the parents and staff for attending the event and supporting our students in their achievements.’