Fun and Frolics for Sport Relief!

Hedingham School has a tradition going back over 20 years of Year 11 having a Dress Up day in March to signal that the time for fun is over and students must now really knuckle down and put all their energies into preparing for their GCSE exams which start in May.  The day is always a spectacular event and this year was no exception!  Students had spent weeks planning their outfits with friends and as many walked to school they must have shocked passing motorists with their amazing costumes.

The day started off with a fire drill accidently set off by the office staff who had rather over enthusiastically turned their usual office space into a rock concert venue complete with smoke machine…….. it did give a chance for all the younger students to see all the fabulous outfits paraded out on the tennis courts though.

A whole family of Simpsons appeared, all painted the requisite yellow colour, with Marge’s towering blue wig hitting all the door frames.  A large group of nuns, who were all over six foot tall, complete with wimples and crosses wandered the corridors whilst a selection of different animals from a camel (with a Lawrence of Arabia attached!) to a massive Gruffalo were sitting in lessons.  Three very inventive girls came as Rock, Paper and Scissors in costumes they had carefully made themselves.   A group of bright green teenage mutant turtles were seen disappearing into a Geography lesson whilst there were super heroes galore ready to save the world!  Children’s story books came to life with The Teletubbies and Mr Men characters all around the school, together with Ghost Busters and Power Rangers.  In the afternoon, all the students took part in a fancy dress parade to Sible Hedingham village – bringing car hoots and cheers from passers-by.

All in all it was an amazing day thoroughly enjoyed by everyone who took part!  The students are hoping to raise over a £1000 and all the money from the day will be donated to support Sport Relief, a charity which makes a difference to the lives of people in the UK and across and across the world’s poorest communities.