Top notch Tilly!

Hedingham School Year 8 student Tilly Turp is only twelve years old but already she is a champion!  Tilly, who lives in Gosfield, is currently Great Britain champion for Slalom Water Skiing in her age category and is also third in England for Trick Water Skiing.  She only started the trick water skiing this year and enjoys doing 180o and 360o spins. Next year Tilly will be allowed to do jumps as she will be able to compete in the Under- 14 category.

Tilly lives in Gosfield and trains on the lake 5 times a week in the season which runs from April to August. She wears a wet suit when skiing and a dry suit when the water is really cold during winter training.  When asked how she copes with the hardship of cold water Tilly says, ‘You kind of get used to the cold but the thought of it is awful!’

Tilly has been water skiing since she was 5 years old and all her family are also involved in the sport.  Her father is her coach and either he or her brother drive the boat that tows her at speed across the lake.  For the Slalom race Tilly has to weave between 6 buoys with increasing speed and a shortening rope.  Her aim now is to break the record for the Under- 14 event.  We all wish her success for next season and are sure that with her determination she will achieve her dream!