Punting and DNA pub!

This year’s Year 13 Biology group, who have just taken their final exams, have worked very hard for the last 2 years and have shown tremendous enthusiasm for the subject.  Teachers and students therefore decided that a farewell trip was in order!  So, on the hottest day of the year the group set off to Cambridge to experience a bit of university student life by going punting – an activity that no-one except Mr Sanders had ever tried before… Mr Sanders leapt onto the back of a punt and moved off gracefully whilst the less experienced Ryan Rainer tried valiantly to get the punt going in the right direction!  Eventually, when we hadn’t moved very far from the punting station, Ross Catton took over and showed quite a talent for using the pole and apart from nearly hitting a couple of people on the head with the pole and dripping water on everyone, we started to move up the river under beautiful bridges and willow trees with lovely views of the famous Cambridge colleges on the banks.  Meanwhile Jakob Beck and Joe Nourse decided it was far too hot and took to the water, swimming along the River Cam between punts of surprised Japanese tourists!  Ryan decided to join them and jumped in fully clothed to find he could still stand up in the river as it wasn’t very deep!

Brooke Bekir had a go at ‘poling’ proving that girls can be very accomplished at controlling punts! Joe Ling, Joe Nourse and Jakob also tried their hand at wielding the very long punt pole and were quite successful at not blocking the river for other boats!  The rest of the group made the most of the sunshine and just enjoyed the beautiful scenery.

Following a quick change of clothes for some of the damper members of the party we headed off to The Eagle pub which is famous for being the place where James Watson and Francis Crick, scientists working at the Cambridge Cavendish Lab, announced in 1953 that they had ‘discovered the secret of life’ by working out the structure of DNA – a truly momentous event in the world of Science.  This event is commemorated by a blue plaque placed on the wall by the door so we had to take a group photo there to mark the importance for A level Biology students.  After a very pleasant meal we all headed home and the next day that everyone will be together again will be Thursday August 13 when the A Level results come out.  We wish all the students success and luck for the future!