Following in the tyre tracks of Chris Hoy!

On 2nd February 2015 11 PE A level students from Hedingham Sixth Form visited the Olympic Velodrome in Stratford, London.  This was a fantastic opportunity that gave the students the chance to cycle in the hallowed arena where Team GB performed so well in the London Olympics
Sixth Form student and Head Boy Joe Nourse who is 17 and lives in Halstead, explains what they got up to!
For 2 hours we were able to ride around the 250m track, completing different exercises. The first exercise was just slowly going around the’ safe zone’ but unfortunately Jack Berkley found it a bit more difficult than expected and took one for the team falling straight off the bike!  After this humorous incident things started to get a bit more serious as we started to gradually move up the track. Firstly up to the côte d'azur, (the name for the inner blue band that is not technically part of the race track), then the black, then the red, then the blue and finally all the way up the bank at 45°. Scary stuff!
The next exercise we completed was the Team Pursuit. In groups of 6, we each took turns in leading the group around the track for a lap before descending off up the bank corner.  Finally for the last 10 minutes we were able to cycle around the track at our own pace. Sir Dave Brailsford, the team coach for GB and SKY, was being interviewed in the Velodrome when we were there and Tom Bowles and Honor Rendall where filmed in the same footage, cycling around the track in true Olympic style!
Honor who is 17 years old and from Toppesfield said, ‘It was amazing to think we were cycling on the same track that Sir Chris Hoy won Olympic medals on.  It was such a good experience!
Overall the day was a great experience and we would all like to thank Mr Finch for organising the trip and Mr Batch for taking us to Stratford.  Sixteen year old Danielle Rulten, also from Halstead, commented, ‘Going to the velodrome gave me further insight into cycling as a sport and it has definitely encouraged me to get on my bike!’