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Teaching & Learning at Hedingham School

Teaching & Learning sits at the very heart of Hedingham School. It permeates into everything that we do and is in the very centre of all school development planning. We endeavour to ensure that we provide an environment in the classroom that allows our learners to flourish and grow, one that inspires and nurtures a life long thirst for learning. We strive to meet every child's individual need and value their journey and the destination.

To maximise the growth of Teaching & Learning within the school, we have structured key approaches.

  • Fortnightly Continued Professional Development (CPD) for all teaching staff that is personalised to meet each individual's professional need and that draws on the very best practice from around the school.
  • An active research and development community that explores the latest and most effective pedagogy within education.
  • A strong monitoring structure that schedules regular classroom observations across all departments in the school, involving all staff and providing key information for departmental and whole school development planning.
  • Teaching & Learning newsletters that circulate around staff each half term and provide hints and tips in the classroom as well as celebrating good practice from within Hedingham School.
  • A dynamic whole school approach to improvement that exists at every layer of the school and a staffing structure including Advanced Skills Teachers who provide staff coaching and mentoring.