Wicked Worlds of Wizardry!

Hedingham School is proud of its outstanding Summer Schools and this year has been no exception. Twenty five of our feeder primary school students and six of our current students joined us for our magical mystery tour taking us to explore all sorts of exciting worlds.  Our week began with Hogwarts Sports day, comprising of Dragon Egg and Spoon, Qwaffle Hoops, Wand relay and Dodge the Bludger.  Students were excited and enthralled with how the school had become Hogwarts itself.  Their knowledge was tested with a Potter Quiz and then the chance to make up their own Houses and Mottos including Latin words!
Tuesday and Wednesday were big days for the Summer School Students visiting the wondrous world of Harry Potter and then off to Wicked in London.  Who would have believed that one of our students could be the one to open the doors to the great hall at Hogwarts? All students had their photos taken riding a broomstick just like Harry Potter had done in his famous films.  It was a most wonderful experience; Caitlin said ‘It was just magical!  I was so excited all the way through it!’
Our visit to London started with a chance to see the changing of the Guards outside Buckingham Palace and then some time in St James’ Park. Wicked the musical has been running for nine years but for some of the students it was their first visit to the theatre and they were certainly not disappointed.  It was a tremendous show with exhilarating visual and technical effects and fascinating story line. When asked about his day Ethan said ‘it was thrilling’.  Students went away with a very cool mug with ‘Defy Gravity’ on it and memories of a great day. Students had some culinary delights across the week including a Hogwarts Banquets and a  Quidditch World Cup Feast, all provided by Castle Catering.  Students were treated to some incredible foods including Aragog Pie, Exploding Phoenix and the Sorting Hat, all washed down with Polyjuice Potion!
All in all, students had some experiences which can only come once in a lifetime, making new friends and preparing them for their new start at Secondary School in September.  Their literacy skills were boosted and most importantly they had bags of fun