Minories Gallery

Fine Lines: An exhibition of Hedingham School A-level Art Students Examination work at The Minories Galleries, Colchester on Saturday June 14th 2014, from 10.30am-1.00pm.

To celebrate the achievement of Hedingham School’s AS and A2 Art students, an exhibition of their 2014 examination pieces has been organised at The Minories Galleries in Colchester on the 14th June.

The paintings included in this year's show were produced during the one day AS level, and three day A2 practical exam. The exhibited work includes landscape, portrait and abstract paintings; there will also be the opportunity to look through the students’ preparatory sketchbooks, offering an insight into the background development of their ideas for the exam.

This is the second year Hedingham School and Sixth Form College and the Minories Galleries, Colchester have collaborated, building on the positive experiences created for students and parents at last year’s GCSE Art exhibition:

"The Minories is run and managed by the Colchester School of Art which is part of Colchester Institute’s Faculty of Creative Arts, so we are really keen to build and develop good relationships with secondary school across the region” said The Minories Manager Lee Pugh. “Many pupils from the School will go on to become Art students at Foundation and Degree level, and we are eager to help signpost them towards Faculty of Creative Arts courses at Colchester Institute, so it’s good to meet them now and give them an opportunity to see how our galleries and associated exhibition events and activities are run”, he added.

Kathy Crawley, Leader of Art at the school says “Congratulations to all of Hedingham School’s A-level students. Their Examination and course work has been of the highest standard.” She adds ”this has been a great collaborative experience for both The Minories and Hedingham School, to extend both of our community links and offer young people real opportunities to understand the organisation and structure behind staging and launching an art exhibition, in a professional gallery space”.

Those exhibiting are:
At AS Level

  • Sam Carter
  • Orla Crawley-Smart
  • Faith Grainger
  • Isobelle Halls
  • Rosie Holtum
  • Jamie McKenna
  • Jago Roberts-Coyne
  • Ollie Rowe

At A2 level

  • Emily Bailey
  • Jess Davis
  • Rosie Last
  • Liam Mole
  • Jade Newton
  • Aimee Pease
  • Shannon Rankin
  • Ben Raz
  • Alice Wotton